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Al-Mohamy Office

It is a legal services office that was established in 2017 in downtown Cairo. Here you will find the professionalism, confidence and the speed you need to accomplish your work. We are striving to provide a service that keeps-up with the digital and technological development in order to meet your needs.

Our vision

It is divided into two parts, the first part concerns you, as we aspire to reach the desired results from our cooperative work. As for the other part, it concerns us, as we seek to gain your trust, because you are our partners of success.

Our goals

To provide legal services and all legal works with an innovative view that keeps pace with the development of individuals and companies. You will find the real professionalism and the speed by keeping pace with the development of digital communication tools to build a mutual trust between us.

Our clients

Our relationship with you is not just a business relationship, but we are keen to create and consolidate a strong relationship by building a mutual understanding of the nature of your work and your activity and following your legal position precisely. That is why we are keen on fruitful and constructive communication with you to follow up the new changes or amendments in your legal position.