Our services

We are always striving to provide a high-end modern service for our clients in various legal enquiries and all legal works.

Personal Status Lawsuits

Initiating divorce lawsuits, Khul’ suits, paternity suit, dropping the custody, spousal alimony and all its kinds, custody alimony along with all other alimonies. Matrimonial Domicile Empowerment, Travel Ban, Notifying Heirs, and other types of lawsuits.

Foreigners’ Affairs in Egypt

Finishing the marriage or divorce procedures of foreigners in Egypt and attesting the certificates. Registration of marriage or divorce certificates concluded abroad, in Egypt. Correcting the legal status of the customary marriage and litigating in paternity suits. Taking the proceedings for obtaining legal residency in Egypt; and for obtaining the Egyptian citizenship as well.

Property Registration

Drafting all types of contracts in all their forms and taking proceedings for registering and attesting land and Real Estate contracts in the Real Estate and Notarization Office. Initiating partition lawsuits / common property division suits, and verifying the certification of the signature, attesting the date and place, and attesting the signatures. Pleading in all lawsuits related to leases.

Civil lawsuits

Preparing petitions and adequate notices. And the correct legal characterization of all civil lawsuits and labor disputes. Initiating commercial lawsuits and all types of damages lawsuits and car accidents compensations. Civil enforcement of judgments.

Business Incorporation

Selecting the appropriate legal form according to the activity of your project to convert it to the form that conforms to the legally correct opinion and extract all the necessary licenses for it. Modifying the company’s activities or liquidating it and drafting all partnership contracts, agreements and protocols.

Criminal cases

Initiating criminal cases and attending the investigations of the Public Prosecution and imprisonment extension. Initiating criminal cases of the misdemeanors directly and controlling the execution (on the perpetrator)

Administrative lawsuits

Pleading, writing petitions and submitting notices for all types of administrative disputes (between the governmental employee and the administrative entity) before the Egyptian Council of State, basically the leave credit lawsuits, the set-off suits, the addition of previous service suits, transportation suits, punitive suits, and so on.

Other services

Dealing with The Egyptian Tax Authority and The Social Insurance Authority - Obtaining the necessary licenses – Properties Management - Attending meetings that require the presence of a legal consultant.