Terms and Conditions


Al-Mohamy website “www.almohamy.net” is the electronic interface of Al-Mohamy Office. It has been specially designed to present legal information and definitions, and to display the various legal works provided by the office.

It is also designed to facilitate communication with Al-Mohamy Office through it (the website) or through the various communication platforms. This comes from Al-Mohamy Office’s belief in the importance of the digital transformation and keeping pace with the global technological development.

This website is allocated for those who are in the Arab Republic of Egypt. So, we cannot guarantee neither the compliance of the website or the information contained herein with the laws or regulations of other countries; nor its compatibility to be used in other places.

Your use of this website, the materials, and all the available services is subject to the Terms and Conditions (terms of use) and to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Therefore, you are requested to read the terms of use carefully before accessing to the website’s services.

In case you do not accept the terms of use, please do not use the website. You assume full responsibility for the use of the website by anyone who uses your computer or any device that is able to open it. You must also ensure the adherence of that person to these terms.

Your entry to the website is considered an unconditional acceptance and compliance with the terms of use.

The Conditions

First: The user is committed to preserving the intellectual property rights of this website along with all its contents for Al-Mohamy Office and Cairo Digital.The following examples are illustrative rather than exhaustive:

  • Rights of collecting legal materials from its various sources, arranging them, organizing them and presenting them _in the form of encyclopedias, legislations, regulations, executive regulations, ministerial decrees and circulars_ are reserved for the Al-Mohamy Office and Cairo Digital.
  • The idea and rights of preparing specialized legal files for many different topics to make it easily accessible for the user.
  • Rights related to the drafting of the different types of contracts, case formats and all other forms, along with legal codes and articles.
  • The “Al-Mohamy Office” logo, pictures, promotional materials, graphic designs, video clips, animated videos containing the “Al-Mohamy Office” logo, and other visual materials designed and produced specifically for Al-Mohamy Office or other publicity materials for which Al-Mohamy Office holds the license and right to use.

Second: When entering the website, the user shall use it in a manner that does not violate the laws and regulations of the Arab Republic of Egypt. So, when entering the website, the user agrees to the following :

  • Not to misuse the website in any way.
  • Not to represent others while using the website.
  • Not to use the website to commit a crime or to encourage others to do any act that may constitute a crime according to the Egyptian Penal Code, or lead to the emergence of civil liability according to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Not to post, transmit or write a comment for illegal content, including content that contains racial discrimination, defamation, harassment, slander, insult, obscene or an immoral act, or any other content that affects the religion, the regulations, or the public policy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Not to use the website to download any infected content, files, programs or tools that may modify or cause damage or impede the work of the website.
  • Not to post or transmit any unsolicited commercials, promotional materials, or any other forms of inducement.
  • Not to collect or save personal information about others.

General Provisions

  • The copyright of the materials and information available at this website is owned by Al-Mohamy Office. The website administrators provide the public with the content at the website as a service only for informational purposes. Therefore, the user may be held legally accountable under the laws in force in case they violate any of the terms of use of the website. It is not permissible to copy, extract, publish, download, transfer or distribute the information in any way, except for what the user is allowed to exhibit in compliance with the authorized boundaries or limits related to the content or the specified downloads or printing parts of content from multiple pages of the website only for the user’s non-commercial use.
  • The visitors and users who are permitted to use and browse this website are adult, major, and sane persons according to the definition contained in the Civil Law of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The website administrators do not bear any responsibility of using the website by any person other than the aforementioned ones.
  • All information that the website asks from visitors and users to fill out requests, correspondence forms, or any other forms are general information of the users to facilitate communication with them. It has no other purpose.
  • The user realizes that putting this large quantity of legal materials is a human effort that is subject to human error and forgetfulness. They also realize the nature of websites on the Internet and what they may be exposed to in terms of actions beyond the administrators’ control that may negatively affect, change, cancel, delete parts or replace texts … etc. The user also realizes that the website administrators spare no effort to review and audit all the legal materials on the website. Therefore, the user acknowledges that they have exempted the website’s owner and all the administrative staff from claiming them any compensation or holding them any liability whatsoever, whether it is directly issued or comes as a result of the lawsuits or attorney’s fees raised against them.
  • The website administrators have the right to take the appropriate measures in case of exceeding the fair use policy, such as stopping the features of copying, printing, etc., and whatever other measures they deem appropriate.
  • The administrators have the right to change, delete or modify any of the contents of the website according to what they consider useful to achieve their interests and objectives or to meet the public interest. They also have the right to amend the terms of use. The administrators will not notify the visitors or the clients of any modifications via e-mail or any other personal contact addresses. Therefore, the website user is responsible for looking into the terms of use from time to time to ensure their compliance with them. The amendments will be effective starting from the date of their publication on the website.