Many different nationalities live in Egypt, and according to Egyptian law, they are foreigners; So what if two foreigners want to marry in Egypt, what is the competent authority to do so?
First of all, it is necessary to differentiate between whether the spouses are of the same nationality or not.
If they are of united nationality, the consulate of their country is the authority entrusted with documenting their official marriage contract, but if they are not of united nationality, then this case is the notary of the real estate registry of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice.
But in order for the marriage contract to be concluded between the foreigner and the foreigner, the Egyptian law set some conditions, and the law also required the fulfillment of some papers to document their marriage contract:-

First: the conditions
1- The husband and wife must be at least 18 years old.
2- The spouses should be Muslims, Christians or Jews, and if the husband is Muslim, his wife may be Christian or Jewish.

Second: Required documents
1- A valid passport and a valid residence permit for both spouses
2- The presence of two certificates from the embassy to which the nationality of the husband and wife belongs (in which full details of each party are written in addition to religion and marital status
3- A health certificate for both husband and wife
4- 5 photos for each of the husband and wife
Other than the aforementioned papers, two reasonable adult witnesses must be brought.

P. Mohamed Adel Saad
Lawyer at The High Court of Appeal and The State Council
PhD Researcher in Law